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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part 4:MOST Precious GIFTS from BeingME conference

This will be the PEAK of my sharing from BeingME conference...


--------------at least, for ME--------------

Session 2 : Achieving Balance - Inside Out
By:Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

Inside = Roh/Soul
 Out = Badan/Body

For some of us, we must have heard this a lot...We, human, tend to take care of the so-called 'out' than the 'inside'...Let me give you a simple analogy...

"When we're hungry, we will eat lots and lots of food to satisfy the hunger without even worry about what's going to happen to the organs inside...How much burden we're putting them into, simply because we cannot see what's happening inside our body..."

Same goes to our 'roh'...Sheikh Yahya said,

"Roh is the MOST IMPORTANT part of you are...your soul is what defines you as a person..."

How do we measure how healthy our souls are??? Let's look at this hadith..

The Prophet of Mercy, Sayyiduna Muhammad al-Mustafa salla’llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said :‘Surely there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, and that is surely the heart’. [Sahih Bukhari]

Indeed, we're not able to see our soul...but we can check our heart, aren't we???

What causes me to be in this state,

after this session because of EVERYTHING that Sheikh Yahya said is totally related to ME...

"Your heart sometimes break, but for wrong reasons"
[My heart broke because I failed my paper..T_T *slapped*]

"If your heart break not because of Allah, it is ashamed"
[Indeed, it's not because of Allah...*100 punches*]

"Your heart may be broken because of someone who doesn't fear Allah, who doesn't care about Allah. Well, it is more of your fault compared to them"
[Arghhh...I did this also, a lot...*flying kick*]

"Be careful with your heart, don't let it break for other than Allah"
[It was ME, again...T_T *smack down*]

*How I wish I can do this*

Enough of the *slapping*punching*kicking* statements...

I also got an answer...

Well, I mentioned before about me, asking Allah why He failed me though I've been 

working so hard???

I bet many of us have already know about this verse,

[2:286] "Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope..."

Sheikh Yahya actually gave a new insight towards this verse...=)
He said,
"People always have a misconception about this verse. It is not that Allah will not give 
something more than we can bear, but it is that [Allah will not give you something, without a tool, TO CHANGE].."

Doesn't it answer my question to Allah? Allah wants me to change something, ONLY then he tested me with failure...Also, Allah wants me to change, to really TAWAKKAL to ONLY HIM, not to my effort...

Sheikh Yahya also said in the end,
"Trust Allah...Take lessons from what happens around you..."

I would like to emphasize here,

Unless you left Him, He'll NEVER let you go...=)

Session 4 : The Power of Change 
By:Dr. Fadila Grine

In the beginning of her talk, she said,
"I'm not here to answer your questions. But I'm here to leave you with lots and lots of questions..."
Hehehe...she started her talk with quite an impression, didn't she???
To be honest, I flinched a bit..Cause I knew, I HAVE to change after this...It's COMPULSORY for me to change after hearing this..because I won't have excuse NOT TO CHANGE since I've listened to her...
Her first point is about changing our perception...I didn't plan to talk much about this because Sister Wardina had talked about it here...=)
But, the example she gave about perception was eye-opener[does this word even exist???=_=']...She talked about converts...She said,
"We look at converts and make them role models...We have been born as Muslims, we are STRONGER... Converts look at us as role models..."
Did you agree to this??? I do..Because, indeed..this is our perception towards converts...We adore them a lot cause they look more pious and show us good example of Muslims without realizing we should be the one to give example to them..
How do we become a role model???

The answer is simple...


We have to a MUSLIM...try hard to change to a the REAL ISLAM...

Change here can also be defined as RETURN [at least, this is what I thought]..
Because when Dr. Fadila said we have to change, what are the things we need to change??? 

How we dress, how we talk, how we behave and many more...
Change to WHAT??? 

Isn't the answer is to change to how ISLAM teaches us???

Doesn't it mean we have to RETURN to REAL ISLAM???

Even Allah said in the Koran,

[13:11] "...Verily, Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves..."

and Dr. Fadila also shared a hadtih that made me tremble in fear, made me want to run away and hide forever..

"If you have to change, and you don't change, Allah will punish you"

Why do we need to change???

She said,

"We need to change because,
1) To ELEVATE our relationship with Allah
2) To know of KINDNESS
3) To increase our knowledge...
and plenty our reasons...[unable to copy everything because I'm trembling from FEAR]"

"Take our BAD habits, remove it VIOLENTLY"
[this is going to BREAK me apart]

"Don't wait, don't delay, don't wait to change"
[can't i just wait a little bit longer]

You know, I have a dream that one day, after I get married, I want to be like Aisyah, Khadijah..I want to WAIT until I get married...or in other word, I want to delay my CHANGE...

*i described myself like this because I did feel dead after...*

Dr. Fadila said,
"You can be Aisyah, Khadijah. What stops you?"
[Didn't it seems like she knew what's in my head??? Scary, wasn't it??? Of course she didn't know, but Allah did]
"Change has condition. We must have clear goals. We must know where we want to go. You have to do it for yourself. You are responsible for yourself, your change, your achievement. So, DO NOT WAIT."
There are 2 things needed for change which are 'iradah'(strong-will) and 'azimah'(strong determination).
"Change is URGENT..Do not DELAY"
"Make yourself, be yourself, do so much for YOURSELF"

[17:7] "(And We said): "If you do good, you do good for your own selves, and if you do evil (you do it) against yourselves..."

*i'm soooo dead*

How about you guys???
Do you feel the urge to change???
Does the sharing from Sheikh Yahya and Dr. Fadila touch your heart???
Sister Wardina said,
"If you don't feel anything, check you heart...[naudzubillah]"

Finish for now..Still got one last sharing from Sister Yasmin Mogahed...

The Greatest Love of All:Do We Really Love Allah Most?

****shake break for a while, will continue later****

[to be continued]

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