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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Part 3:MOST Precious GIFTS from BeingME conference

These are lists of the sessions I've been to during BeingME..actually, there were a lot more and we had to choose by ourselves which session we prefer...

As for me, I'd rather said that Allah knows me BEST....=)

Well, of course I did make my choices, but it turned differently than I was expected..So, I just followed the flow...And I'm REALLY glad I did that...

Quran Recitation

I finally understand what does it means when Sister Wardina said,

"Al-Quran cleanse your heart..."
[You can watch it here]

Session 1: Free From All Other Masters, Empowering Women
By: Sister Yasmin Mogahed

Even the title was scary enough cause deep inside, I know..I am not yet free from all other MONSTERS...T_T

I know,

I hasn't been able to solely worship ALLAH without the interference from my studies, money, fashion, family and plenty more...

THIS ugly DUNYA...

*this is ME, after listening to Sis Yasmin....*

Here, I would like to quote thing she said that slapped me right in the face...T_T

"Your body, your soul was created for something higher, way higher...not for display"
I still haven't cover up my aurat properly...erm..waiting for the strength??? =_=' Someone, please slap me FOR REAL...

[10:92] "..And Verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Ayat"

Well, this is only one of many many words from Allah through Sis Yasmin made me shiver in fear...

Session 2 : Achieving Balance - Inside Out
By:Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

This is one of the best lecture I had during BeingME..

I'm going to share about it a bit later...0_0

*this is how I describe myself after this session*

****There were entertainment and fashion shows...nothing much to share except that I'm AMAZED****

Session 3 : The Importance of Role Models - Why do we Need Them?
By:Sister Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Very interesting talk indeed..=)

One point that catches my ears is,

"Role model shouldn't be criticized. When they did something wrong, it should serve to an insight of limit of imperfection of human-being"

I couldn't agree more..Yes, it is a reality that all of us, as humans, more importantly Muslims, rather than give support, we tend to find fault in each other...this actually reflects how foolish we are and give chance for our enemy <SHAYTAN> to make fool of us more. Sister Myriam said, this is because we make assumption. We assumed those role models somehow above us when in reality, they are also slaves of Allah...they do have their pitfalls..

and key point :


So, does it mean we cannot have role models???


We can have role fact, it is best if we have one..Why? 

Because "we want to be inspired..."

"Role models are the one that helps us to reach our goals..."

We want to trust that we can all be like the role models capable of being because WE, role models and us are the SAME...Ummah of Muhammad pbuh...Caliph in this DUNYA...

"If they can do it, we can also do it" 

Sister Myriam took an example from Malaysian which is Sister Wardina Safiyyah..=) She said, 
"Sister Wardina, who is here with us today. An amazing role model."

Sister Myriam ended her speech with,

"Go Out and Create Your Own Story"

So, people..let's create our own stories..I'm inspired already, how about you????

*too excited to create mine*

As Sister Wardina was the MC, she pointed out a point to ponder upon, 

"Ask ourselves, do we have role models to inspire us or just idols for the sake of worshipping?"
[REMINDER : the ONLY thing we shall worship is ALLAH, only ALLAH]

Session 4 : The Power of Change
By:Dr. Fadila Grine

*This is how I described it*

Too much...It was just too was like the continuity of the talk by Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim...


We watched a video message from Sister Lauren Booth..She was supposed to come but due to personal reason, she wasn't able to..She told an interesting story about a conversation between her and her daughter...It was so CUTE..

Session 5 : Documentary Screening, My Journey Back to Islam
By:Sister Raya Shokatfard

*this was me, till the person in front of me offered me a tissue..TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT*

To describe it in one sentence,

"Her journey really shows how much Allah loves her [jealous...0_0]...And indeed, Allah is the MOST LOVING, the MOST FORGIVING and He ACCEPTS REPENTANCE.."

hehehe..not really one sentence..*_*

Still not done..there are lots of things I haven't shared..[fuhh...wiping sweat..=_=']
I will share everything, inshaAllah...

[to be continued]