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Monday, February 18, 2013

FINAL:MOST Precious GIFTS from BeingME conference


It had been months since I planned to write this was planned's just not posted...Why??? I'm wondering myself...As outdated as it is, still, I feel responsible to post this post...I did think of ignoring it and just forget about it...tapi....[rase cam ade hak tak tertunai kalau x post]...this is the FINAL part of most precious gifts from BeingME conference...

Better late than NEVER...-Anonymous-


Session 5: The Greatest Love of All:Do We Really Love Allah Most?
By: Sister Yasmin Mogahed

Allah is the God...the ONLY'mat such as money, clothes even families, are His gifts...Gifts that are meant to bring us closer to Him, not to be apart from Him..the reality, we keep getting further and further apart from Him...

"It is human to love, it is human to want gift, but it is problem when we put gift in the heart, God in the hand"

"It is easy to put aside what in the hand. But what is in the heart is thing we cannot live without"

A simple analogy, 

Allah is the food, the air...Dunya is a we live our lives now, we're exchanging food and air with a saying, "Suffocate me, but make sure I'll wear the necklace when I die"...

Ouch...sooo cynical, wasn't it?

"Only Allah is our survivor, not His gifts"

Me : I do put Allah as number ONE, who are you to judge???
[my heart scream]


Sister Yasmin continue her speech...she questioned each and everyone of us..

"What makes you cry?"

"What makes you most angry?" of the time, Allah is not the cause...T_T

Then, another analogy...The Day of Judgement, is like much we study, how much we wish it won't come..the day will is exactly like the Day of Judgement...

"We don't really see the storm is coming like we don't really see the day of Judgement is coming.Nothing will stop death. Nothing will stop the Day of Judgement."

"In the moment death, tongue cannot say what is not in the heart"

Now, I know..why only NOW Allah gives me the feeling of posting this post...For me to remember back what I heard June last listen back to it, only after I experienced the feeling of being on the verge of death...because of what Sister Yasmin said...let's hear it again...

"In the moment of death, tongue cannot say what is not in the heart"

Now, my heart is beating like crazy...I can feel my toes, my nails are getting's tooooo scary...

I did wish to die, long long time ago..long before I knew about Shadatul Haq, about the meaning of being a Khalifah, about the meaning of Shadahah..Lailahaillallah...And now, I'm grateful I'm still alive as there are too many responsibilities I have yet to complete...

Closing speech
By: Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury

30 Qualities of Muslimah, Mukminah-in-the-making...

To be honest...I don't really get everything...

1) Piety 

“The world is a collection of treasures. The best treasure in this world is a righteous wife"
[Sunan Ibn Mājah] 
credit to :

2) Donating everything in the course of Allah

3) Patience

4) Tawakal

5) Held on strong to Islam despite pressures

I don't really remember when Sheikh Tawfique said this, but I want to relate it to this point...

"Every good, Allah makes it hard to get. Thus, why must quality righteous muslimah be easy to get?"

In the world where coupling is the norm, it is normal to have a feeling of wanting to be part of it...It is human to feel the need to love and to be loved...and, Allah already prepare us steps to be part of it, which is 'akad...and certainly coupling is not included in the steps...

I can't say more about this as my knowledge also limited only to things I learnt from school, speeches and books I read...but, if people are to question what's wrong with coupling if we don't do things Allah forbids like touching etc...I must tell you, though your physicals don't do sins, how about your heart???

Submitting ourselves to Allah not only limited to we have to do everything he asked by our actions also requires us to submit to Him in the heart, in the words and in the action...that's what Shahadatul Haq means..How can we love Allah when we use that love for others...for example, our boyfriend...

"Allah has not put for any man two hearts inside his body.."

I don't know about others, but people keep asking why I don't have boyfriend...why I don't want to be in love anymore??? Some people also said, "if you don't have anyone, it's going to be hard for you to get married".. "If you reject too many people, they will think you're so hard to get..lastly, no one will want to marry you"...


I must admit, I did get stress over these....hehe...I am ONLY human..but after listening to what Sheikh Tawfique said, I feel at ease..I must hold on to Islam till the end...biiznillah...

6) Careful

7) Marry a husband due to piety and religion

8) Marriage and respect towards your husband

9) Love for the husband

And another 21, I'm too focus listening that I don't bother to write it down..Now, I forgot everything...I really regretted it but at least, I get to learn new's better to record the speech instead of jotting it down on paper...=)

Lastly, that's the end of one of the MOST FULFILLING day of my life...Alhamdulillah..hopefully, this sharing will help me now and in the future and inshaAllah, in akhirah like it helped me in the past..biiznillah...

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